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Who are We

PT AVTRAN CONRES SERINDO (AVTRAN) was established on 14 June 2009 in Jakarta under the Notarial Act No. 5 issued by Notary Dini Lastari, SH and legalized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-31816.AH.01.01 dated on 10 July 2009.

AVTRAN is an aviation consulting firm that is registered in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Republic of Indonesia with the approval number as follows: 004/SP4BU-DBU/X/2009 has been extended thru the new certificate No. 004/S4BU-DBU/XII/2014 for Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) training, 1672/03.IX/DNP.2010 for Air-Ground Ground-to-Ground Radio Telephony Operator (AGGGR) training, 004-01/SLP3BU-DBU/III/2013 for Helideck Assistant (HDA) training, and 002/SLIK-DBU/X/2013 for annual operational safety inspection on registered heliports and helidecks.

AVTRAN has provided training and certification to more than 1300 aviation personnel and annual operational safety inspection and consulting to registered heliports and helidecks in various industries such as oil & gas, aviation, shipping company, according to the regulation standard of Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


To establish recognized aviation training provider and safety inspection company in Indonesia and international market by delivering the best and competent services.

  1. To develop reliable, quality, and competent HLO, AGGGR, and HDA personnel based on the national and international standard.
  2. To provide trustworthy consulting and safety inspection services to registered helicopter and helideck owners based on the prevailing regulations.
  3. To act as a communication liaison between the heliport and helideck owners and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • High Integrity.
  • Synergized Diversity.
  • Excellent Competency.
  • High Ability.
  • High Accuracy.